Lessons With Mary Holzhausen


I love playing music! I also love talking about music and teaching music! There are times when I feel that it is my first language and that speaking is only my second. I have been playing the flute since I was in 5th grade in Ann Arbor, MI. Since that time, I have gone on to receive my Doctorate in flute performance from the UMKC Conservatory. I have had the chance to play with and for some of the greatest flute players of our time. I studied with Emmanuel Pahud and Alain Marion at Domaine Forget. I received a grant to study with Jacques Zoon at Queens College in Oxford, England. (Mathieu Dufour, Jeanne Baxtressor, and more...)
Currently, I am busy playing principal flute in two orchestras in Kansas City, the Kansas City Civic and the Kinnor Philharmonic. My students range from beginners to students auditioning at colleges to college students auditioning for jobs!  
When I am not teaching, I am busy composing and collaborating with other great friends and musicians. I am also spending time with my family who are happy to call Kansas City home.

Piano Student Lesson Policy

Flute Student Lesson Policy

Parent Guide

Weekly Listening:

I ❤ Classical Podcast

Week 3 Extra Listening:  Martha Argerich performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto #1

             Movie for older students and parents about Martha Argerich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHWYofrfPak

Week 4 Extra Listening:   How to dance a Vienese Waltz video 

             3 Day Travel Guide to Vienna

              Pianist Adras Schiff, Playing and speaking about Beethoven's Piano Sonata 2

Week 5:

              The Transformative Power of Classical Music

               How to Listen to Classical Music

Winter/Spring Semester begins January 6th!


The total for 14 lessons is:

30 minute lessons: $387

45 minute lessons: $572

You may pay for the entire semester or feel free to make 4 payments as follows:

30 minute lessons will be $96.75

45 minute lessons will be $143

◦ You will develop technical skills allowing you to better express yourself musically.  

◦ You will gain skills in listening, critiquing, and evaluating musical performances.  

◦ You will work on time management skills as you strive to practice regularly and balance your musical life with school, work, family, friends, etc.  

◦ You will acquire performance skills and practice techniques, and will learn to set and realize goals.